Our founder

Bishop Jerome M. Fernandez Thupasseri founded the prestigious IJHS in 1940. He was an acclaimed educationalist of Kerala. A visionary, he was well aware of the vital role of the student community in the progress of the nation. He made sure that the vast empire of the educational institutions he founded all over the diocese instilled basic values in the students. The modern history of Quilon City would be incomplete without taking into account the unique contributions of Bishop Jerome without discrimination of caste, creed or community. He has left his mark as the defender of the rights of students and parents in educational matters. He was the champion for the rights of the minorities. Many of the rights we complacently enjoy today are the fruits of the long pitched legal battles he assiduously waged and won against all odds. The modern history of the Latin Catholic Community of Kerala is partly the history of his life & activities. He led a saintly life.

Our previous manager

Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph G. Fernandez followed the steps of his eminent and saintly predecessor. He tried his best to uphold the traditions handed down to him.

Our present manager

Rt. Rev. Dr. Stanley Roman

The present Patron and Manager of our school Rt. Rev. Dr. Stanley Roman, the Bishop of Quilon is our guiding light. An educationist and former principal of Fatima Mata National College, Kollam, His Excellency’s vision for IJAIHSS has been taking the school to unconquered heights for the past one decade.

Our present principal

Rev. Dr. Silvie Antony   B.Ph., B.Th., M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D

Our vice principals

Mrs. Valentine Nimmy

Mrs. Dona Joy

Former Pricipals